Monte Pacifico

Reserva Pinot Noir

Protected by the Mountains (MONTE) and nourished by the ocean breeze of the Pacific Ocean (PACÍFICO), the name comes from Chile’s unique terroir. It is situated in the Rapel Valley, the vineyards are protected by the Andes on one side and the coastal mountain range by the Pacific Ocean on the other. The depression between the mountain ranges provides a fertile nourishing environment for the vineyards producing top quality grapes. The Monte Pacifico range is produced by Puntí Ferrer Group under strict and certified quality standards to produce high quality wines.


Concentrated aromas of red berries and earthy notes


Elegant and light bodied with balanced acidity and flavors of cherry and strawberry, hints of oak and soft tannins on the palate with a lasting finish


6-8 months

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